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Flush Thru Line Marker Cleaner

Flush Thru Liquid Cleaner is a ready to use, biodegradeable liquid cleaner designed to cleanse pump and nozzles of line marking machines.

Flush Thru liquid cleaner for line marking machines, pump and nozzle cleaning

• Ready to use straight from the bottle.
• Biodegradable.
• Ideal for use with most line marking paints.
• Prolongs the life of your sprayer.

How to use:
Connect the Flush Thru bottle to the sprayer or pour in to the tank. Allow cleaner to run through the sprayer for a few seconds. Leave to stand for approximately 5 minutes. Finally, flush through with cleanwater for approximately 1 minute.

Nozzles & Filters:
Place nozzle and filter in a plastic container. Pour in enough Flush Thru to cover and leave to soak for a few minutes. Flush with water when removed.


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